Post 9 – Shakespearean

A Wall

Truth make all things plain,

it bores us so.

And so beauteous stories tell,

of ladies fair and fine,

of men sweet youth and tall.

Alas world is inevitable,

between the worlds is a wall so vile,

it is grim and with hue so black.

But it is a sweet and lovely wall,

it keeps us hither.

But in this wall thither is a hole,

through this hole we see bliss.

And through this wall we hear a voice,

‘Come live hither with us!’ it soothes.

But we know of the sweet but vile wall,

and we know we are stuck hither,

stuck hither with the other dreamers.

Wilt thou meet me at the other side?

Post 8 – The Incredibles


 The Incredibles

‘The Incredibles’  is a Pixar movie about superheroes, more specifically it follows a family of five, including retired Elastigirl a.k.a mom (a.k.a Helen)  and former Mr. Incredible a.k.a dad (a.k.a Bob). In the beginning of the movie you see Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl fighting crime in the old days. Mr. Incredible comes across a young boy who introduces himself as Incrediboy, the boy is Mr. Incredible’s number one fan and beseeches Mr. Incredible to allow him to be his side-kick. But Mr. Incredible ‘works alone’ and hurts the boy’s feelings. And thanks to ‘Incrediboy’ a lot goes wrong, this includes: explosions, broken rails… he also caused a lot of suing. The suing cost the government a lot of money and made them decide to put an end to all the superheroes running around the city. But you do get to watch Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl’s nuptial.

You then flash forward an interlude of 15 years, where Bob is working a desk job, which makes him smash his boss through a couple of walls in vexation. And in that time they have kids: Violet the eldest daughter, Dash the younger son, and Jack-Jack the baby boy. Each of them have their own powers, for example Violet can produce force fields and make herself invisible, Dash is super fast and Jack-Jack can shapeshift.

 The Incredibles Robot

The plot of the movie revolves around Incrediboy’s wrath, when he sends a woman to watch Bob. She sees him getting fired and sees proof of him being the former Mr. Incredible. The woman offers him a job to take down a crazy robot on an island. One of the reasons he except the mission is because he missed his glory days; fighting crime, stopping bad guys… ext. But little does he know that what he was actually doing was helping the once young and hopeful Incrediboy perfect the robot so that he could release it on the city so that he could defeat it and become the ‘best superhero ever’. After Bob has been gone a while his family sets out to find him, leaving Jack-Jack at home (of course what kind of a parent would bring their baby on a highly dangerous search-and-rescue mission?). When they arrive at the island super mom Helen sets out to find Bob, who is being held captive by former Incrediboy, now known as the villain Syndrome. The kids run into some of Syndrome’s men and use their powers to protect themselves. When parents and kids meet up again they are confronted by Syndrome and all get captured, well at least they’re together… But they do manage to escape, BUT not before Syndrome tells them why he is doing this: so that he can be the hero for once. When they get to the city Syndrome’s plan didn’t go as planned because he is knocked out and the robot is destroying the city, so they have to stop the robot using their superpowers. After fighting with it for a solid five minutes they figure out that the only thing strong enough to kill it is itself, ironic right? So they make one of its claws impale itself, and win the love of the city.


The Incredibles is a great movie that I will always love and it sometimes gets forgotten about but it shouldn’t. It has an interesting plot and consists of some impressive animation.




Beseeches – to ask someone urgently.

Nuptial – a wedding.

Interlude – a period of time.

Vexation – annoyance or frustration.

Wrath – extreme anger.

Ironic – a humorous way to contract the expected.

Post 7 – Poem


When our lives become too boring,

we go in search of stories.

When we get lost in our repetitive reality,

we go looking for a little abnormality.

We lose our self in these stories,

we find our self in their glories.

We forget about the worry,

trying to leave it in a hurry.

The stories will always last,

 as they lasted through the past.

They will not be lost,

not at any cost.


Post 5 – The Avengers

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

 The Avengers

The Avengers is a 2012 MARVEL movie directed by Joss Whedon. This is a superhero movie containing the superheroes (in level of awesomeness): Ironman *rich, sassy and very very vain*, Captain America *a born leader*, Thor *the God of thunder*, Hulk *raging destructive beast*, Hawkeye *major assassin number 1* and Black Widow *major assassin number 2*. Before The Avengers were made into a movie it was series of comic books in which the earlier mentioned superheroes came together and fought in a team to keep the world safe from the forces of evil. In the first Avengers movie, *a sequel will be released in 2015*, the plot of the first movie concerns Loki. For those who don’t know, Loki is Thor’s adoptive brother back in Asgard. Loki is convinced that humans were made to be ruled and he is also convinced that he is that ruler. Loki has gotten his hands on the tesseract. The tesseract is a powerful cube of bright blue glowing magic. It is highly dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands, like Loki’s. So that is exactly where it falls, or more precisely gets who it gets taken by. The tesseract allows Loki to take control over any one’s mind making them his follower. He does this the Hawkeye in the beginning of the film but luckily Black Widow is there to knock some sense into him. The Avengers is led by S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who despite the awesome name, eye patch or leather trench coat doesn’t do much fighting. He is mainly there to put the team together and later on give them the extra motivation to not get the whole New York area nuked. In the beginning of the film you see S.H.I.E.L.D. agents talking to the separate superheroes, getting them to join The Avengers. Most of the superheroes don’t really believe in The Avengers to work out and save the world and decide to tease each other instead but when their friend Bill Coulson gets killed by Loki the team gets and extra push and works together. Loki doesn’t play nice and  opens a portal to let in an alien race, those aliens are the cause a lot of damage caused to New York City.

The Avengers 1

In the final battle The Avengers come together and fight off the aliens, in my opinion they are doing great considering the fact that there are ALIENS TRYING TO KILL EVERYONE. But the board of S.H.I.E.L.D., which consists of the most powerful S.H.I.E.L.D. leaders, decides that they are going to fail and think it might be a good idea to nuke the entire area. This might seem like a good idea to you too, but all the people that live there are still there, and you would not only kill aliens but also your own people! This, apparently, did not come across any of their minds, so they sent out the nuke, doming everyone there. The Avengers get told of the nuke and Ironman selflessly volunteers to guide the nuke into the portal, with the hope of blowing up the alien’s mothership. Ironman succeeds in his mission and nearly dies in the process. Hooray! Hooray!

This movie is an amazingly acted out version of the comic book and pays attention to details, making this movie a major hit with everyone. If you have not yet indulged watching this movie I very strongly suggest you do so.




Asgard – basically another world where Gods like Thor and Loki come from.

Post 4 – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones



In this post I will review: ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’. The movie was directed by Harald Zward. The movie comes from a book, which is part of a six book series that I absolutely love. The story is that of a magical world within our own. It concerns mostly Shadowhunters, a powerful race of half angel, half human. These Shadowhunters were created to protect the human world from demons. The main character in the movie is Clary Fray, a teenage girl who lives with her mother in New York City, she goes along her normal mundane life, not knowing that she actually has Shadowhunter blood in her veins. When she sees a Shadowhunter, whom normal humans cannot see, she thinks that she is going crazy. This Shadowhunter’s name is Jace Wayland, Jace soon becomes another main character throughout the movie. Simon is Clary’s best friend, but he is just a normal human who gets sucked into the Shadowhunter world. Clary learns to fathom the idea of her being part of this secret world. In the Shadowhunter world there is a man named Valentine Morgenstern who wants to rid the world of downworlders, he wants this to purify the world. It is later found out the Clary is Valentine’s daughter, and that she holds the key to his defeat. While watching you unearth that Clary has special abilities. These abilities can be used for good and evil. She goes on great adventures with the other Shadowhunters from New York City. She has the pleasure of meeting the high warlock of Brooklyn: Magnus Bane, who informs her that her mother is also a Shadowhunter and that Valentine took her. Although It is not in the first movie that Clary finds her mother. But in the she does learn more about this queer race. She learns their ways and becomes one of them, doing this she befriends a teenage Shadowhunter named Jace, who over the progress of the movie develops a certain fondness of Clary, later it is revealed that she returns these feelings. But as the plot goes on Simon tells Clary that he is in love with her and has been for a while. Clary has to choose between Jace and Simon, which is like choosing between paths, on one side lies the adventurous unknown and on the other lies the safe accustomed past. Clary goes through many things in this movie: teen romance, vampire hunts, demon fighting and much more. This movie I recommend to all teenage girls how love a good action-packed slightly romantic 130 minutes. With a audacious heroine, and a snappy and sassy new acquaintance, or maybe more.


Mundane – boring, ordinary or dull.

Fathom – understand after a lot of thought.

Downworlders – Werewolf’s, Vampires, Warlocks (kind of like wizards) and fairies.

Purify – to clean out.

Unearth – to discover.

Queer – strange or odd.

Accustomed – customary or usual.

Audacious – showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.


Aladdin is an animated movie produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Aladdin is a movie which I adore, for it has a fun, well-written plot and mostly happy and catchy musical numbers, complete with dancing. Such as: ‘Prince Ali’, ‘Friend Like Me’, ‘One Jump Ahead’ and many more. The plot of this movie consists of Aladdin a poor boy who lives on the streets of a Middle-Eastern and is an orphan, Yasmin who is a princess that is expected to marry and a greedy adviser to the Sultan: Jafar. The opening scene shows a camel with his rider coming to a stop in a Middle-Eastern town upon his arrival he sets up a stand and makes it seem like he is trying to sell various items to the watcher. Then the man pulls out a lamp and tells us the story behind it. Jafar wants to rule, to do so he plans to find a magic lamp with a genie inside it. The lamp is in a cave and only those pure at heart can enter to retrieve the lamp. Aladdin is the one whom is pure at heart, he gets tricked by Jafar to bring the lamp to him but things don’t go as planned when Aladdin ends up with the lamp. Aladdin uses one of his wishes to become ‘Prince Ali’, he does this to win Yasmin’s hand in marriage. After Yasmin being mad at ‘Prince Ali’ they share a romantic magic carpet ride and a love song duet. Jafar’s plan was to hypnotize the Sultan and make him give his daughters hand in marriage to Jafar, so that he could rule the kingdom. Instead he finds out about Aladdin and steals the magic lamp with the genie from him. He rubs the lamp and his first wish is to become Sultan. Then he uses his second wish to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world, causing great destruction while doing so.  He uses his new powers to reveal Prince Ali’s true self: Aladdin. He also captures Yasmin and her father, the late Sultan. Jafar shoots Aladdin off to some freezing place with his pet monkey Aboo and the magic carpet. But Aladdin is not thrown off that easily when because he finds Jafar and comes up with a plan. Aladdin’s plan works and Jafar is taken care of. The movie contains great musical numbers and countless jokes. It is definitely worth watching again.



‘Frozen’ is an animated Disney movie directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. This is supposed to be a children’s movie but it is great for all ages. It is about the story of two princesses named Elsa and Anna. Elsa, the elder sister, has a magical power: she has the power to create ice and snow with her hands, which IS AN AWESOME POWER! You see Elsa and Anna play together as children when Elsa accidentally hurts Anna with this power. To prevent this from happening again they wipe her memory of Elsa’s power. Elsa locks herself in her room and tries to control her power with her father’s help. When the girls are in their teenage years Elsa and Anna’s parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, pass away after a ship wreck. This makes Elsa the heir to the throne, as coronation day comes Elsa is struggling with keeping her power under wraps. At the coronation party Anna meets Prince Hans. They sing their own musical number together ‘Love Is an Open Door’ later in the night they ask Elsa’s permission for them to marry. She refuses and loses her temper letting others see her power. She runs off to the mountains and builds an ice palace. Little does she know that she puts Arendelle in an eternal winter. Elsa sets out to find her sister, bring her home, free Arendelle of the winter and marry Prince Hans. She thought this an easy task, but is turns out harder than she hoped.  To accomplish her goal she must work together with a man named Kristoff, who’s best friend is a reindeer named Sven. They go an adventure to reason with Elsa, on this adventure a love triangle is accomplished and they meet a living snowman called Olaf. Their adventure leads them to discover some things about love, trust and family. This is a Disney movie but does contain singing and dancing for particular reason. This is a great family movie and is definitely worth watching.frozen

The Titanic

‘The Titanic’ was a movie directed by James Cameron, it was released in 1997. This movie was based on true events (in case you didn’t know). The movie was an accurate showing of the Titanic’s sinking, although the love story was made up. It is a romantic movie with a theme of, ‘perpetual love’.  The main plot of ‘The Titanic’ is about a rich girl whom meets a poor man on a ship, The Titanic. The girl is expected to marry a man who is also rich but she does not love him. The rich girl and poor man fall in love and the ship sinks, he then sacrifices his life for hers. This movie is very well written and obtained its goal: to entertain and move the watchers. Though there are parts of this movie that vex me. Like the part at the end where Rose can get into a life boat but obstinately jumps back out of the life boat and back onto the ship. This action is an action of love, but if she had just done as told and had gotten in the life boat then Jack would have been able to float on the  floating broken off piece of wood and he would probably survived. Also when both of them are on the  floating broken off piece of wood Rose promises never to let go, AND THEN SHE LETS GO! If I were her I would have at least taken something of his to remind me of our love. But the movie is a good one although it is about an atrocious topic it is still a very romantic and sweet movie. This movie is undoubtedly worth watching.


obstinate – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so.

perpetual – never ending or changing.

vex – make someone feel annoyed or frustrated

atrocious – horrifyingly wicked.

 undoubtedly – without doubt.